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In this unit we tried to answer on the frequently asked questions.

Nowadays there are a lot of extension  techniques, more than 10. But the most  popular in Russia are the 2 :  capsule hair extension (Italian technology) and tape extension.

In the first case you buy ready locks on keratin capsules. The hairdresser melts keratin with special device and clips extra lock to your lock. This technology is used more than 10 years. It is safe and the most clients in Russia choose it.

Tape extension (polymer cold extension) exists for 3-4 years but not less popular with the clients. The main advantage of this technique is quickness of extension. You get ready locks on a polymer tape, they may be different width (from 0,5 cm to 6 cm) from different producers. A hairdresser  separates the upper tape from the lock and sticks the lock to your lock ( strategy of bi-adhesive).

The disadvantage of the technique is that correction is needed more often, in 1.5-2 months whereas in capsule technique in 3-4 months.


The quantity of locks or tapes depend on the thickness of your own hair. 

The thicker your hair, the more locks are needed to be extended.

If you have thin hair then 75-100 locks will be enough or 3-4 packs of wide tapes (1pack is 20 tapes).
If your hair is average thickness then 100-150 locks or 4-6 packs of tapes.

Also the quantity of extended hair depends on the wanted length. The more is difference between the real and wanted length, the more quantity is required. For example, if your hair length is above shoulders and you want the length below the waist then you have to extend not less than 150 locks (5 packs of tape) even in case your hair is not thick.


As any procedure hair extension has its contraindicates.

1. Alopecia. If you have hair baldness and you don’t know the proper reason then you’d better refuse hair extension and have a consultation with a trichologist.

2. Head skin diseases. Consult with a trichologist.

3. Allergy on artificial colorants. All extension hair is colored (on exclusion of some shades on a select line).

4. Excessive sensitive threshold. The first days after hair extension you may feel discomfort because of lock tense in an attached place. After a while you become adapted.

5. Overdyed hair (cotton wool effect).

6. If you have any contraindications but anyway you want hair extension we recommend some 15 -20 trial locks or tapes.

7. Pregnancy is not contraindication to hair extension.


Modern extension technologies and a qualified master are the safety guarantees of extension procedure. 

Also a proper care for hair is important and removal of extensions by a professional master in time.  You may damage your hair a lot on extensions removal.  In general, hair extension as a blow-wave, or drying iron damages your hair but it is less harmfull.


Period of wearing of extensive hair depends on the growing speed of your own hair.In average it is from 2 to 3 months. Then your hair grow, and the place of lock clipping becomes visible . Moreover, the lock of hair an extensive lock was clipped to gradually becomes thinner (as there is a gradual regeneration of hair, part of old hair falls out and new ones grow) and the lift on your own hair grows. Therefore, wearing of extension hair more than 3 months is not recommended. Then you can make a correction or hair extension again


All types of hair require caring regardless of the quality. If you decided to extend  your hair should understand that you will have twice more time for its care and styling as they will be twice more and longer.