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  • Hair FIXHAIR
  • Hair FIXHAIR
  • Hair FIXHAIR


2.500,– p
Артикул : _____________Fixhair
* Color:

For this technology we offer the best Slavic hair.

Remy with a cuticle, singledrawn treatment system. Strands can be tinted, they perfectly hold any kind of hair style. The high quality of this hair will please your client with many extensions, as they are exposed to correction.


Hair is sold in packs of 20 cartridges 6 strands per package, one package has 120 strands. On average, for the full hair extension 2 packages are required.

Fixhair system hair is performed in 5   lengths of 30, 40, 45, 50, 60 cm.

Palette: 22 commercial and 10 shades of fancy.

All of our hair extensions treated in Russia, so we are not dependent on foreign supplies, and our storage is updated every week. All colors and lengths are available.
If you need special hair length (more than 60 cm.) or hair structure (curls) you can make special order

You can tint, paint it
You can twist, straighten, any kind of styling
Large palette of colors and lengths