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Самый большой магазин волос. Школа наращивания волос

Technologist blog & Articles about extension

пример наращиния волос

Hair Extension Technology Europahair!


  • Safety
  • Natural look
  • Lasting clip
  • Simplicity in usage
  • Short time working
  • No restrictions in care
  • Re-extension
  • Hair extension system Europe meets all the criteria of professional technology.

Славянские волосы
Today the main suppliers of raw material for hair extension are the two countries, India and China.  Asians delivered hair significantly is inferior to Slavic product..

And most important is that today many beauty salons do not warn their customers about the real origin of the extensive hair and often give Asian hair for the European.

Meanwhile, most of the Asian raw materials refer to «NoRemyhair» type. This hair is taken from the combs. In India and China this method is widely practiced because it gives women an additional source of income. But experts note that those hair is dead because dropped naturally, i.e. outlived their life.

By the way, do not forget the Asian craftsmen use hair "from the floor" of beauty and hairdressing salons or entangled hair (found among donor tails with careless handling). At the same time, Indian and Chinese hair are bought by international companies in large quantities on attractive prices for suppliers.


наращивание волос в студии Европа

Welcome to the world of hair extension!

Extension is an innovation in the beauty industry firmly included in the list of services of the majority of Russian beauty salons.

Owners of beautiful long hair have always attracted men attention . Hair is one of the secrets of the female charming.

The task of hairdressers and stylists is to find ways to make a woman more beautiful and attractive, to give her confidence in her irresistible beauty.