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Welcome to the world of hair extension!

Extension is an innovation in the beauty industry firmly included in the list of services of the majority of Russian beauty salons.

Owners of beautiful long hair have always attracted men attention . Hair is one of the secrets of the female charming.

The task of hairdressers and stylists is to find ways to make a woman more beautiful and attractive, to give her confidence in her irresistible beauty.

The last century has presented permanent and high-quality coloring system to professionals. In the new century the technology of beauty worth of its generation a unique Hair Extension procedure appeared.

Hair extension allows stylists to extend the customer's hair, increase their volume, play with hair color without coloring, correct mistakes, replacing the dull and damaged hair to shiny and healthy. Really unique features make a barber into a magician in the eyes of  female customers and help to form any desired hairstyle .

Hair Extension
is the most expensive service in beauty salons. The availability of this procedure improves the quality and level of customer and salon competitiveness.

Every year, number fans of hair extension is growing and more hair stylists tend to master this procedure to get skills in all the transformation technologies of feminine beauty.

It will take 5-6 years to grow hair 50-60 cm in length. A hairdresser who knows how to extend hair, will make it for 2-3 hours. Probably, there is no woman who refuses to try on a well-known standard of female beauty a gorgeous long hair.