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Fixhair device
  • Fixhair device
  • Fixhair device
  • Fixhair device

Fixhair device

18.500,– p
Артикул : fix-hair-apparat

Аппарат FixHair - Новинка 2016 года

Fixhair device is the innovation of 2016 in beauty industry.

This device extends hair 6 locks in a row.

Extension of a whole hair amount takes only 30 minutes.

This technology combines the best in modern systems of hair extension in locks: quality of fixation, convenience of capsule extension, safety and simplicity of tape hair extension.


Advantages of FIXHAIR technologies:

  • Unique of technology
  • Quickness of service
  • Simplicity of use
  • Safety
  • Perfect fixation
  • Affordable price
  • Long and beautiful hair for 30 minutes

Examples of using

fih hair 2fih hair 3fih hair 4fih hair 5

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