Kaluga Hair

Kaluga Hair

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Kaluga Hair with keratin capsule

Slavic hair is used for this line with Remy cuticle, silicone-free, soft, light wave structure.

Specifics of staining of this line involve the presence of dark strands on blond and dark blond shades.

Pack of 25 strands Rules of use: hair need special care cosmetics, it is recommended to use masks and hair conditioners.

You can do any cosmetic procedures, including painting, toning (using pre-strand test).

The specific of hair treatment line allows the use of this hair again, so that to make correction.

Quality assurance: if all care and technique rules are followed and use up to 2 corrections in the period of wearing for 3 months.

Storage: The shelf life of the goods prior to use is not restricted.
Store in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight.