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Hair Extension Technology Europahair!


  • Safety
  • Natural look
  • Lasting clip
  • Simplicity in usage
  • Short time working
  • No restrictions in care
  • Re-extension
  • Hair extension system Europe meets all the criteria of professional technology.


Hair extension on Europa system has the most natural look, as it clips the lock to lock that gives natural growth of hair and allows the client to enjoy
the extension hair like natural hair.


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Keratin guarantees long period clipping- the polymer specially developed for extension.

Every lock Europa is applyed at the bottom by this stuff. Keratin is harmless to hair and makes the procedure easy and safe.

It is required to hit keratin with pliers. The pliers temperature is not more than 180° C which is absolutely safe for hair. In comparison with styling by straightener or curling iron the temperature is 200° C.

The care of every detail makes the Europa Hair Extension System is very simple and quick.

Hair extension procedure Europa  can be mastered within one-day training course. Professional practitioners work on extension procedure not more than two hours.

High quality of Slovanic hair lets the extension several times in a row.

Europa offers a unique procedure on recovery and recapsuling of removed and used hair.

Correction of extension hair will let the client to economize a half cost of the service.


Besides the hot fusion extension there are also another technologies:

  • tape hair extension;
  • cold fusion extension;
  • hot fusion extension based on Englsih technologies;
  • Korean extension Ringstar;